Pilates Mat
RedBird is a contemporary, science-based Pilates and fitness studio built on 40 years experience in the industry located in downtown Austin. Our fitness center features Pilates mat classes that are full-body workouts with a focus on improving posture, strength and body tone through movement education and mindful practice. When it comes to fitness results, it is not what you do, but how you do it that determines the results you see. Learn how to move with precision, intention and joy to get more out of any workout you do. All RedBird Pilates classes use the RedBird Movement Sequencing System to move the body through all movement planes for a balanced, challenging workout.

RedBird Pilates classes are divided into Levels 1, 2 and 3. RedBird Level 1 Pilates Mat is the center of the RedBird method. This class teaches proper alignment, neuromuscular reeducation, appropriate movement strategies and innervation of the deep core through a high-touch, highly educational teaching style. All other RedBird classes build on the foundation clients receive in Level 1 mat classes. This mindful, deep execution of movement is where lasting change begins. In order to achieve maximal results, we encourage all new clients to build a solid alignment and movement foundation in our Level 1 classes before advancing to our more fast-paced, athletic class flows.

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Body Engineering
Body Engineering (BE) is a unique toning program that sculpts the body – RedBird’s answer to barre classes. RB Body Engineering applies the alignment knowledge and muscle patterns taught in RedBird Pilates to innovative, full-body toning exercises that contour the body, focusing on toning the thighs, lifting the butt, carving the arms, and flattening the abs. This program builds on evidence-based toning principles, such as high repetition, light-weight, long-lever movements, and weaves them into full-body exercise that fits within the RedBird methodology of balanced muscular development and science-based training.

BE Mat: Body Engineering is divided into Levels 1, 2 and 3. BE Level 1 is crucial to innervating the smaller muscles of the hip and shoulder joint, to understanding proper posture and alignment in complex BE movements, and more importantly to achieve amazing results! Start here to build your BE foundation before advancing to the more face-paced athletic BE flows.

BE Chair: BE Chair is a fast-paced, full-body workout. In this dance-based toning class, the chairs are used to create sexy, innovative movements that challenge the body’s balance and connection to smaller muscles of the hip and shoulders, as well as the deep core. This class is an efficient, effective and completely unique workout.

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Cardio High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
RedBird HIIT is a fierce but intelligent way to improve cardiovascular health, achieve anaerobic conditioning, increase bone density and gain strength. This class combines a Pilates-style warm-up and brain training drills to prepare core muscles and joints and bring mental focus, with 10 to 18 minutes of high intensity cardio training. All sequences are designed to ensure clients work through all planes of movement and receive balanced muscular training.

RedBird Cardio Dance
RedBird Cardio Dance is a fun way to get an incredibly effective cardio workout that shapes and tones your body while burning calories. RedBird cardio dance sequences move your body though all planes and ranges of motion, ensuring balance muscular development and producing a lean, carved body. Cardio dance is not only good for your body, but also your brain. There is growing evidence that dancing can change the way you think. Studies show dance improves creativity and problem solving, not to mention it is proven to lower risk of dementia. Most of all it is fun! Each 45-minute class offers low and high impact versions of all RedBird dance sequences and is meant for all levels.

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Studio Equipment – Intro Class
New to Pilates equipment work, this is the class for you. Come experience the great benefits of working with the Pilates equipment in a safe and positive environment. You will be introduced to both the Pilates reformer and tower while you learn proper alignment, modifications, and proper use of the equipment through classical pilates exercises. Start here while you build your strength and confidence, then expand into a studio equipment, pilates circuit class, or a 10-week equipment series.

Studio Equipment Class
This class offers RedBird clients the opportunity to experience the Pilates repertoire on the Pilates reformer and tower—they are a great way to experience the equipment work without the commitment of a series. The class will be taught to the level of the participants but will always provide a fun and challenging full-body and core workout. These classes have a limited number of spaces for a high-touch, customized, small group training experience.

Pilates Equipment Circuit Class
This high energy, full body workout class has a combination of challenging Pilates equipment exercises using not only the Pilates reformer and tower, but the chair, cadillac, and ladder barrel as well. Done in a circuit training style, you will build strength, burn calories, get a full body workout and have a great time. Class is 55 minutes.

Equipment studio classes are not included with the Unlimited BASIC packages.

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 Looking for online Pilates classes? Check out our virtual studio RB360online.com to access the best Pilates classes in Austin, anywhere and on any device.