Pilates Equipment Class Schedule

Pilates Equipment
• Provides resistance training
• Increases strength with less strain and impact on joints
• Enhances range of motion and flexibility
• Increases joint stability
• Improves spinal strength and mobility
• Strengthens the core
• Helps clients understand the intention of Pilates work

RedBird Pilates Equipment Series
RedBird Pilates equipment series classes use machines such as the reformer, tower, Wunda chair and Pilates Cadillac to re-align your body, strengthen underutilized, but important postural and stability muscles, and improve flexibility. These classes run as a 10-week series and are conducted in a small group training format (4 to 6 people). You will learn a curriculum based on the level of the class, which will be repeated and expanded upon during series. By the end of the series you will have a deep understanding of the exercises and will begin to truly re-shape and re-align your body.

RedBird Drop-in Pilates Reformer Classes
Drop-in Pilates Reformer classes are a great way to experience the equipment work without the commitment of a series. These classes are limited to 4 clients per class, for a high-touch, customized, small group training experience.

Open Equipment Classes
This class offers RedBird studio clients the opportunity to experience the full repertoire of Pilates equipment – the Pilates reformer, tower, and Wunda chair. The class will be taught to the level of the participants but will always provide a fun and challenging full-body and core workout. These classes are limited to 6 people for a high-touch, customized, small group training experience.

East and Midtown Pilates Equipment Series Schedules

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