Pilates Private Training
RedBird Pilates programs stand for training with precision, proper alignment and execution of movement, deep mental focus and integrated breath work. The most efficient way to achieve this is in private one-on-one training sessions with our nationally-certified teaching staff. This work aids clients in learning the fundamental alignment principles and movements of the RedBird method, as well as helps teachers get to know you and your body, learn about specific issues or injuries and show appropriate modifications. These sessions ensure that all clients take the work to a much deeper level and get maximum results from their RedBird workouts.

We offer one-on-one private Pilates training, duets and trios.

Personal and Small Group Fitness Training

One-on-One Fitness Training:
To have a lean, strong body that moves with control and grace; to be pain free and experience the joy of movement; to maintain the longevity of movement abilities all require training with precision, education and proper technique. This can be achieved best through personal, one-on-one fitness training. Whether the goal is toning, cardiovascular health, core work, strength training or injury prevention and rehabilitation, our certified teachers provide the tools and support needed to succeed. Each session will be specifically tailored to cleints needs and fitness interests, including Pilates machines work, TRX-style suspension band training, cardio workouts, dance toning or strength training.

Squad Training – Small Group Fitness Training:
Train with family, friends or co-workers in customized small group training sessions to experience the benefits of personal training at affordable rates, increased accountability, and weekly fitness assessments to monitor progress. RB Squad trainings are semi-private training groups limited to four to eight people, designed to meet specific fitness goals and held at times that fit the groups’ schedule. Training includes high intensity cardio workouts, Pilates and dance-based toning for a whole-body workout. Squad up with these fun, high-energy sessions!

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