RedBird Starter Bundle
2 Personal Assessment Training Sessions

$125 (a $160 value)

 Participate in two personal training sessions with our nationally-certified teachers. These assessments aid new clients in learning alignment principles and movements of the RedBird curriculum. They also allow our certified instructors to know you and your body, and show you specific modifications to benefit your work, ensuring maximum results.

The first session focuses on biomechanics and Pilates mat exercises. The second session provides an introduction the the Pilates machines, such as reformer, tower and wunda chair. Whether you are interested in Pilates, dance-based toning, cardiovascular health or strength training, this fitness starter program (a $160 value) will be the foundation of your movement practice.

Would you like your body to be lean, long and strong? Do you want to look and FEEL better? If the answer is yes -you have to change the way you move. Lasting results, pain reduction and improved athletic performance require training with precision and proper alignment. RedBird is not just exercise; it is movement science, and it will transform the way you look and feel now and 20 years from now.

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“The community of RedBird empowers each individual to grow to his or her strength,
to face a barrier that the body has taken on as a habit – and to break the barrier through.”
– Susan McElwain, RedBird Pilates & Fitness Studio Client

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