You can improve every aspect of your life by eliminating nervous system stress. As stress levels decrease, you will experience less pain, improved strength, greater range of motion and fewer injuries. Psychological gains such as sharper focus and positivity will also emerge as your journey progresses.

RedBird 3 Pillars – Brain Training for Better Vision, Balance and Movement

RedBird 3 Pillars is a 12-week course designed to improve vision, balance, and movement. By prioritizing the brain and nervous system, 3 Pillars delivers an ultra-fast approach to eliminating pain, optimizing health and maximizing athletic performance.

Over 70 percent of people stop an exercise regimen because of injury or negative returns like weight gain, increased fatigue or undesired body composition. If your ultimate goal is lasting results, educated and experienced teachers are essential. RedBird’s certified team of teachers provide high-touch, technically-oriented training. Our signature approach focuses on mind and body wellness by emphasizing precision movement and proper alignment.

How does 3 Pillars work?

RedBird’s 3 Pillars courses are small group training sessions that begin with sensory warm-ups and a short lecture on important neural concepts. Clients are then taught neuro-drills to improve vision, balance and movement. These drills smarten the nervous system, priming it for new movements and physical challenges.

The nervous system is unique to each individual. Each client receives customized drills and sequences. This translates into a smoother, faster, stronger, and more coordinated you!

What kind of changes can you expect from RedBird’s 3 Pillars program?

  • Improved vision, balance and proprioception/movement
  • Increased levels of skill and performance in all your important physical activities
  • More stability and balance
  • Increased energy and resilience
  • Less chronic pain
  • Elimination of unconscious and undesired movement postures that hold you back from your fitness goals
  • Permanent postural improvements that seemed unattainable

RedBird 3 Pillars Series: $515

12-weeks of 1.5 hour group training sessions with Lee

Sharpen the Mind, Soothe the Body, and End Bad Habits with Private Training

RedBird offers private neuro re-training sessions that allow you to work one-on-one with our certified trainers. Our team will give you exercises and drills – visual, vestibular and proprioceptive – that will improve the function of your nervous system and your body. Get started today to overcome your body’s limitations and bad habits. Psychological gains such as sharper focus and positive emotions will also emerge.

For Neuro Training Package Special: 
Contact info@redbirdpilates.com

Single Neuro Training Private: $150
One 60-minute training session with Lee

Contact info@redbirdpilates.com to enroll in 3 Pillars or schedule a private.


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