You can create rapid improvements in every aspect of your life by using the brain to eliminate poor movement patterns. The way we see, feel, walk and move is all controlled by our brain. If we train sensory skills to provide better input to our brain, and train our brain to more efficiently and accurately interpret input from our senses, nervous system stress decreases. This reduction of stress decreases pain, prevents injury, improves strength and mobility, and even creates shift mindsets. RedBird partners with  Z-Health Performance to offer a 12-week course, 3 Pillars, designed to improve vision, balance and movement. By putting the brain and the nervous system at the center of training, this system offers you an ultra-fast approach to getting out of pain, optimizing health and maximizing athletic performance.

Over 70 percent of people who start an exercise regimen will stop because of injury or negative returns. If you want lasting results, education and expertise are essential. The RedBird team of teachers — all Pilates Method Alliance and Z-Health Performance certified — provide high-touch, technically-oriented training. Our definitive methodology emphasizes precision movement and proper alignment, both keys to mind and body wellness.

RedBird 3 Pillars – Brain Training for Better Vision, Balance and Movement
RB 3 Pillars are small group training sessions where clients will learn a sensory warm-up, receive a short lecture on important neural concepts and be taught neuro-drills to improve vision, balance and movement. These exercises offer a powerful pathway to making your nervous system smarter about movement. Each person will learn specific drills and sequences individualized to thier unique nervous system. This translates into a smoother, faster, more powerful, and more coordinated you!

What can I expect from the RedBird 3 Pillars Program? CHANGES AND RESULTS!
• Improved vision, balance and proprioception/movement
• Increased levels of skill and performance in any and all activities you do
• More stability and balance
• Increased energy and resilience
• Less chronic pain
• Elimination of unconscious and undesired movement postures that hold you back from your fitness goals
• Permanent postural improvements that seemed unattainable

RedBird 3 Pillars Series: $515
12-weeks of 1.5 hour group training sessions with Lee and Elisabeth


Private Neuro Re-Education Training
RedBird offers private training sessions to work one-on-one with our Z-Health Performance and Pilates Method Alliance nationally certified trainers to give you exercises and drills – visual, vestibular and proprioceptive – that will improve the function of your individual nervous system and your body. Get started today to overcome the limitations and habits your body has taken on, get out of pain, improve athletic performance and even increase cognitive skill!

Summer Neuro Training Special: $600
Package of ten 45-minute training sessions with Lee or Elisabeth

Single Neuro Training Private: $150
One 60-minute training session with Lee or Elisabeth


Contact info@redbirdpilates.com to enroll in 3 Pillars or schedule a private.


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