We have a Winner 

We have a Winner 

Building community at RedBird and giving back to the larger Austin community has always been part of RedBird’s mission. We believe everyone should have access to education on proper body mechanics and alignment and a community that supports them in being their best self.  Earlier this spring we established a scholarship to enable highly deserving individuals with a demonstrated financial need to join the RedBird community. Many people applied, each with a unique story that touched our hearts, but only one blew us away.

Meet Adrenne Mendoza, RedBird Scholarship Recipient 


Adrenne Mendoza is the first to receive a RedBird scholarship. Adrenne is a long-time resident of East Austin, a single mother of three and the sole caretaker of her 75-year-old paraplegic aunt. But that’s not all. She is also an avid marathoner, currently in training for her first ultramarathon. Adrenne works full-time at National Veterans Outreach Program, helping homeless veterans.

We were particularly moved by Adrenne’s commitment to physical fitness. Knowing firsthand the positive impact of healthy living, she started Run Chica Run!, a running group for girls in her neighborhood.

Run Chica Run

“My program teaches young girls the love of running and healthy nutritional food choices. It teaches them to include fitness in their daily lives, even if it is only for 30 minutes of day. A child will spend an average of 2-3 hours a day watching television or surfing the net. If we, as parents, would take our children for a walk or a short run or even simple jump roping, we would see a dramatic change in our children’s weight, health, mindset and energy levels,” says Adrenne.  

Besides improving her balance and flexibility, Adrenne plans to use the knowledge and skills she gains at RedBird to enhance her coaching skills at Run Chica Run.  

“Most of all,” says Adrenne, “RedBird will improve my life and give me the opportunity to find more peace and flexibility in my ever busy life.” 

We are inspired by Adrenne and thrilled she is part of the RedBird community. 

Learn more about Run Chica Run when you meet Adrenne, and tap into her infectious spirit on Facebook