The Reformer Revolution at RedBird

The Reformer Revolution at RedBird

As RedBird has grown over the past couple years, we’ve worked hard to build a studio that challenges not just our core, but also our consciousness. We are so excited about the latest addition to help our clients fulfill this goal: Reformer Classes. The reformers might look like standard gym equipment, but they are very different. At RedBird we’re always talking about focus, integration and stabilization – well, the reformer puts these guiding principles into action. Unlike the typical weight machine, the reformer uses springs and pulleys to create completely customized workouts for each individual. Through expert guidance and supervision in these classes, you will be able to deepen your understanding of Pilates, learn how to train your body to recruit the appropriate muscles for your movement and de-emphasize over-used muscles that tend to lead to injuries. The reformer is what Pilates is all about. We hope you’ll try the classes to see for yourself.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we’ve been hearing from clients about reformer work:

How is working on the reformer different than mat work?

While mat work can be more challenging than reformer work, that’s only if you’re doing the exercises correctly. Working on the reformer teaches you awareness of which muscles should engage for each exercise, leading to a much more deeply integrated mat practice. The springs and pulleys on the reformer give you resistance to push against, an experience you can then replicate on the mat.

Can only people with lots of Pilates experience take a reformer class?

No! Both experienced practitioners and those new to Pilates benefit from working on reformers.

Do you have to be in really good shape to try the reformer class?

No. In fact, being less experienced means you probably won’t have developed bad habits as you will be more open to de-emphasizing over-used muscles. Prime athletes and fitness newbies – and all of us in between – learn a lot about best muscle use and body integration through practice on the reformer.

Is it hard to learn how to use the reformer?

Reformer work can seem a bit awkward at first, but it involves a lot of repetition so soon the exercises become much more familiar. The student/teacher ratio is quite limited in these classes to ensure that each client gets the guidance they need to master the reformer exercises.

Does working out on the reformer provide a cardio workout?

No, nothing like our cardio dance or circuit classes. But, if done correctly, over time reformer work enhances your cardiovascular activities through breath work and teaching you to recruit appropriate muscles for all of your movements.

Why does the reformer class cost more?

You’ll notice that there are only a handful of students per each reformer class. This is because reformer work allows for such unique customization for each student – the instructors have deeper and more extensive Pilates training and spend more time on set up and one-on-one guidance than in our studio mat classes.