The Power of Community

The Power of Community

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Years ago when Elisabeth and I were starting out in my loft, I remember sharing with her that the success of our business would be dependent upon the strength of our community. I knew how to build successful classes, had been doing it for many years, and Elisabeth, as always, was a quick study and soon became as successful. 
But I also knew the amount of energy it took to be one hundred percent on focus in every class, every day, no matter what.  The more successful we were at growing our classes, the sooner we would get to the tipping point of diminishing return. In other words, there would come a time when our own energy would not be enough to inspire and motivate all the clients we were drawing to us.  We simply wouldn’t have enough bandwidth to go around.  
Keep in mind, this was at the beginning: before we developed the teacher-training program, before we had admin help and before we even had time to market our fledgling business. Back then, it was just the two of us when people knew they were in the presence of a burning passion and wanted it, kept coming back for more of it and brought their friends as well.  We had to put value, focus and time into the creation of the RB community.  Not because we were smart and savvy business women, (well, maybe a little of that) but because we knew that what was happening was going to be bigger than just the two of us, and the context of community gave everyone shared ownership of the experiences they were having.  
That’s the power of like-minded people, sharing vision, passion and ideals and supporting each other for all of our highest good.  The RB mission – To use exercise as a catalyst to awaken, empower and transform the women and men we serve through the synergy of precise movement and thought – took shape in these early years.  
Now we are growing the RB360online community with the same brand and mission driven focus.  Yes it is different than seeing, touching and connecting with people in person in the studio.  But because of this it is even more important that our shared ideals, goals and desires are present and clearly communicated.  This helps to support and inspire our online community to also live a life filled with the joy and vitality of well designed, safe and results driven movement programs.  But more importantly, for me, we have the opportunity to grow our message of encouragement, support, inspiration and hope out into the world.  
We know that together we are better. And that the success of RB360 depends on our ability to cultivate a community that supports and inspires each other. This is why we have our RB360 Facebook Group and are now in the midst of our Holiday Challenge. It brings us such joy to see you all showing up for yourselves and your health – even in this busy season. It inspires us to see your food prep that reflects the time and care you put into nourishing yourselves and your families. 
It is also why we have events that bring us all together – like the RB360 Launch Party. We want to come together and celebrate our community and our achievements. Not only is community important for supporting each other in difficult times, or providing accountability and inspiration when we are lacking motivation – but it makes the good times so much richer and fulfilling. 
Now that the election is over, communities across the country are either celebrating or are in shock with the outcome.  There are those that feel this change was long overdue and feel hopeful about the future, and many others who find the results to be unthinkable and feel full of fear and dread. As I reflect on the power that the RedBird community and many other communities have had in building groups of people that stand for love, tolerance, hope and striving for one’s highest self, I feel encouraged. Movement is the language of RedBird, but the essence of who we are stands for inspiring everyone to be the best they can be, physically, mentally and spiritually, no matter who they are or where they’re from. 

I am confident that as we grow, both in Austin and online, our light will grow and be a force for spiritual and physical healing, as well as health and wellness for every life we touch.    

This post brought to you by Lee Vallely, Founder and Co-Director of RedBird Pilates & Fitness