The Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council Partner Certification Program and Workplace Wellness

The Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council Partner Certification Program and Workplace Wellness

Job openings in the U.S. reached a record high of 6.2 million over the summer of 2017. This may be good news for employees searching for new jobs, but it’s bad news for companies. In a highly competitive marketplace, organizations have come to realize the value of protecting their investments into their employees. In order to attract and retain productive and happy employees, employers need to invest in staff health and wellness programs.

When it comes to a companies benefits, long-term health is undoubtedly a high priority for all staff.  Employers also rely on their employees capability of their workforce to perform their jobs well. While unlimited vacation, free pizza and beer, on-site improv classes, professionally catered meals and unlimited snacks are all very appealing perks, physical and mental wellness is priceless.

This is one of the reasons why 37 organizations in Austin, including RedBird Fitness, recently became certified partners of the Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council (MHFC). This nonprofit was founded in 2004 with a vision for Austin to be the fittest, healthiest community in America. These 37 organizations, employing almost 95,000 employees and volunteers, all had to demonstrate health initiatives that comprehensively address and encourage physical activity, improved nutrition, tobacco-free living, and health education and preventive services.

The partners of the MHFC are dedicated to finding positive, innovative solutions to challenges posed by our health care system. RedBird goes one step further. We share our passion and knowledge about movement education, and provide our convenient, safe, and stimulating programs to companies through our corporate workplace wellness programs.

To ensure maximum productivity with employees we’ve created a partnership with corporate clients so employees can visit our studio downtown or visit us in their own homes through RB360 Online. It’s worrying to see the increasing cost poor employees health can have on business operations, workplace culture, and individual well-being.

In every program we produce, there is an intentional and strategic focus on posture, proper muscle enervation and correct alignment. How we feel in our bodies every day is a direct result of how we move. As mind-body connection and movement are improved, employee performance is also improved.

RedBird is very proud of our certified partnership and alliance with the MHFC. We are committed to providing an excellent work environment for our RedBird flock (aka teachers) because without them, we couldn’t serve our wonderful client community, as well as companies who value the wellness of their staff. So next time you’re at work, think about whether RedBird could help your colleagues move and feel better!


This blog post brought to you by Victoria, a RedBird Master Teacher and Corporate Wellness Director. For more information about our corporate wellness programs, email: victoria@redbirdpilates.com