RedBird Resolutions!

RedBird Resolutions!

Heading in to the New Year, RedBird founder and director, Lee Vallely shares her three resolutions for the studio and herself:

Deepen my meditation practice– Last year I decided I was going to commit to a daily meditation practice and attended a 6 week workshop at the beginning of 2011 to get me started.  With all the hectic business of growing RedBird Pilates and wearing so many hats as many small business owners do, I needed something that took me out of myself and connected me to life in a more spiritually focused way.  I made the commitment that I would “sit” every day for the entire year and I would not judge my “progress”. I immersed myself in the simplicity of the daily intention and trusted that at the end of this year, I would know if this type of endeavor would fulfill me.  (My teachers taught us that it isn’t during the daily sit where the benefits are mostly received, but in the overall tapestry of our daily round.)  I’m deeply gratified to say that this has definitely been true for me.  This year my resolve is to deepen my practice and attend at least one spiritually focused retreat where I can continue to “plug in” to a much higher source than the spin of my mind. 

Laugh more – Is another intention for 2012.  I receive great joy and satisfaction from my work, but even work this rewarding takes its toll.  For me, laughter releases heaviness, doubt and fear.  I’ve never been one to “have fun” as a matter of routine.  It is the workaholic in me and the culture of my family.  But laughter….now that is something I can create with ease and simplicity.  A couple of good friends, a nice bottle of wine, a few stories…we are on our way.  The true joys of life, laughter being one of them, are usually right within our reach.

Travel to New York at least 3 times this year for study and visits with my son– My son…I can’t express in words how proud I am of him and how he inspires me.  He moved to New York last December to pursue his passion in songwriting and music.  (Did I mention hard work and drive is a defining trademark of my family culture).  He has taken no prisoners and at the end of his first year in the Big Apple, he is preparing to record his 2nd demo CD and his first video.  He is traveling to Nashville in January to sing in a local music festival and was accepted to perform at The Bitter End; a prestigious Greenwich Village club that hosts new talent.  All on his own.  I want more time with my son this year as he explores his goals and I want to absorb more energy and learning from my mentors to share with all of you.  Energy in…energy out.

Back to that laughter theme, among others.  We are all so busy, and I fall prey to the illusion of the “importance” of busyness.  This year, in addition to my commitment to our business and all our wonderful clients, I am fully committing to being present; to showing up in the lives of those that I love.  I’m not taking for granted that there will be another day.  I’m going to show love, share it, and hopefully, live it.