RedBird Pilates Teacher Training Certification Program

RedBird Pilates Teacher Training Certification Program

By Lee Valley

RedBird will soon begin our sixth year of teacher training. This is exciting and meaningful to us. It speaks to the success of our long-held vision of having the essence of the RB brand philosophy start with our front line staff. Although challenging and labor intensive at times, the efforts required to mold and grow a team of teachers thoroughly educated in anatomy, biomechanics, and now the basics in neuro-movement and brain training, are well worth it.

Teachers that are taught in the same methodology speak the same language. This creates a very consistent experience for clients. The passion, precision and detail of the shared philosophy are conveyed across all program platforms. I learned the importance of such consistency growing up in ballet schools and later in Pilates schools across the country. I came to understand the role Pilates played in effecting true change in the movement and motor quality, body structure and overall compliance of an entire community.

There are five primary reasons that drive an individual to join a fitness facility – body composition change, pain relief, performance enhancement, injury prevention and motivation. However, over 70% of those who start a program will quit within the first 30 days due to injury or lack of results. This is a huge deficit and failure for our industry.

Sadly, these statistics have not changed much over the 25 years that I’ve been in this industry. Elisabeth and the RedBird faculty use these statistics as motivation. We develop and provide one of the most comprehensive, science-based and educationally relevant teacher training programs in the industry today. RedBird Teacher Training (RBTT) produces outstanding and well-educated teachers.  Whether they teach for RedBird or for other organizations, we know that we are contributing to changing the outcomes for the individuals our graduates work with. These individuals will succeed with their health, their bodies, their brains and their lives will continue to flourish and effect positive change.

There is a significant law in human physiology called the SAID Principle – an acronym for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Bemand. We speak about this often at RedBird. Basically, the body ALWAYS adapts to EXACTLY what it practices. In RBTT, we teach that as practitioners, we must be very precise in how we train our clients, and ourselves, if we want to maximize results. We now know that proprioception (spacial awareness) and pain live in the brain. To make significant and lasting enhancements in movement and motor control, we have to incorporate brain training into our movement training. We educate students throughout the year in the concepts of perfect form, postural alignment, the importance of synchronized breath and the balance between tension and relaxation in the neuromuscular skeletal system.

Just as RedBird draws a highly functioning, motivated and driven individual into its studios, RBTT draws a similar candidate to its program. Graduates of RBTT are often already accomplished and successful in their chosen fields and seek either a change in career or the enhancement of a second fulfilling career in their lives. Juggling the demands of family, an existing career and the challenge of the RBTT program requires not just commitment, but discipline, diligence, and self-compassion. Students discover previously unknown limits and self-sabotage that they did not know they were imposing upon themselves. We all work together to overcome those limits and balance the challenge of rigorous study and physical training with compassionate self-care.

The RBTT journey is powerful and life-changing. Our graduates are often transformed and exit the program more emboldened, more courageous and more active in championing their own lives. For me, this is the essence of the training. Transformation. Becoming more. Waking up to a fuller, more truthful and defined life.

RedBird Teachers in Training are themselves transformed, and then they guide the our clients through their own individual transformations. Our training school and our graduates are the foundation of our business model. They are the strongest and the most authentic representation of what our brand and philosophy stand for.


Blog post by Lee Vallely, Founder and CEO of RedBird Pilates & Fitness.