RedBird Pilates and Fitness: You Gotta Tabata

RedBird Pilates and Fitness: You Gotta Tabata

Beginning this past Fall, RedBird Pilates and Fitness started offering high intensity interval training, also known as Tabata workouts, as a regular class. For those of you who have already joined us on Monday and Thursday nights, you know the burn and the benefits of this incredibly efficient high intensity workout. In and out of the studio within 45 minutes, Tabata doesn’t mess around. Here’s some background information about this fitness practice:

Tabata who?

Tabata high-intensity interval training was developed by Izumi Tabata in Japan. He, along with colleagues, published a study in 1996 showcasing the significant anaerobic and fat-burning benefits of this type of work out.

Tabata what?

Tabata uses exercises that you already know (and love!) from our regular cardio circuit classes and organizes them into shorter, more intense intervals. So, think push ups, jumping squats, arm extensions with weights, kettlebells etc. The best Tabata work outs distribute the exercises between upper and lower body, making sure it’s a whole body workout.

One cycle of Tabata takes four minutes. The four minutes is comprised of eight sets of 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of complete rest.

For some, one cycle is enough, especially at the beginning. Those who already have more cardio endurance will build up to 16-18 minutes of working through the cycle.

Tabata where?

Right here at RedBird Pilates and Fitness Studio in Austin, TX!

Tabata when?

Right now we offer two classes:

·      Mondays at 4:45pm

·      Thursday at 6:45pm

The classes last approximately 45 minutes.

Please check our schedule to confirm class timing – and look at for new time slots.

Tabata why?

Tabata is a natural extension of the RedBird Pilates and Fitness philosophy. Pilates is a language of movement and using the strength, form and focus that you develop through your Pilates practice with us, you can challenge yourself to the next level by applying those principles into a high intensity workout. Mixing up your training program helps strengthen that brain/body connection that enhances not only our time in the studio, but more importantly, the way we are in the world. Adding a cardio workout like Tabata to your overall exercise program will bring many closer to their fitness goals.

One of the key benefits with cardio exercise is raising your heart rate that, in turn, strengthens that important muscle. (See our blog post on calculating your own target rate.) There are two ways to accomplish this: aerobic or anaerobic. What’s the difference?

Aerobic: This type of exercise is low intensity and geared to improve endurance. Long distance swimmers and runners get aerobic work outs. The heart rate increases gradually and stays at an elevated rate, but not at the maximum.

Anaerobic: This type of exercise triggers your fast twitch muscles and involves a quicker, more intense workout. Your heart rate gets pushed to its limit very quickly so you have to stop and recover. Athletes training for non-endurance sports use anaerobic activities.

Each person has to weigh the relative benefits for themselves. For many, the efficiency of anaerobic workouts, like Tabata training, make it very appealing.

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