RedBird Lightning Talks Re-cap

RedBird Lightning Talks Re-cap

We are so lucky to have such interesting, inspiring individuals as part of our RedBird community. Our first annual Lightning Talk event was a success, not to mention a total blast. We had the pleasure of hearing from seven of our clients – each had five minutes to talk about their passions. Here are the highlights ICYMI!

Anna Gieselman, Urban Bee Keeper -> The Importance of Bees: How we can all contribute

Anna has a delightful, bee-inspired line of jewelry: BeeAmour. Her unique, handmade jewelry is locally made in Austin and inspired by her work as an urban beekeeper. Anna talked about the importance of bees and how crucial they are to our ecosystem. She gave us great tips to supporting their well-being:

  • Buy organic food
  • Buy local honey
  • Set out fresh water for bees
  • Don’t use pesticides in your garden
  • Boycott Monsanto
  • Petition Congress
  • Plant bee-friendly flowers and seeds
Lauren Hubele, Homeopath/Founder of the Hubele Method -> Gemmotherapy: An herbal medicine you need to know about
What gets Lauren up in the morning is helping people realize their body can heal itself. She does this through “gemmotherapy,” a medicine that people can use to reset their entire body and start over from scratch. Gemmotherapy cleans the body so healing can come through, and complements a healthy diet, massage, energy work, prescription medication, and more. Lauren has two goals in her gemmotherapy practice: to create public awareness by speaking and writing and to see clients. Lauren travels nationwide to teach this method and also has online modules available. She’s consistently inspired by stories she hears everyday from clients about how gemmotherapy has helped them and even cured them of conditions such as migraine headaches, high blood pressure, asthma and more.

Learn more at laurenhubele.com

Molly Siegler, Food Editor Whole Foods Market -> Mindfulness in the Kitchen: How to cook and eat well (despite your phone)

Molly on set at Whole Foods filming video recipes so we can all learn to spend some time in the kitchen!
Molly’s talk was all about mindful eating – the ability to cook and eat well without using your phone. With the abundance of food delivery apps and “GPS-style” meal planning services, the lines between food and tech are definitely blurred. Molly argued that mindful eating leads to a deeper sense of wellness, and food tastes better when you actually pay attention to it and put down your phone. Smart phone usage has increased 3x since 2010, but amount spent in the kitchen has decreased by half – only 27 minutes a day. Molly notes that we all have the same amount of time to cook we used to have, we are just going in a million different directions nowadays. According to Molly, every moment you spend it the kitchen makes you better and helps you learn how to cook. Her advice: get in the kitchen, make some mistakes, burn some things, fix it, and live in the moment. Cooking will lead to good things!

John Turci-Escobar, Professor of Music Theory at UT Austin -> The Addiction of Tango

John’s lightning talk was definitely the most interactive of them all – he and Andrea treated us to a live performance of different types of tango styles. John is currently writing a book about the tango and music and is fascinated by the fact that tango is still around and people are still dancing it. His passion is clear – both in his gusto speaking on the subject and his impressive footwork on the floor!

Janna Clement, Veterans4Quality – Serving Those Who Serve – How anyone can be of service to our veterans 

Janna working with a group of veterans at Vetrans4Quality
Having a family history of service and a military brat herself, Janna knew she had to find a way to pay it forward and serve those who serve – she just didn’t know how. With over twenty years of experience in the technology industry, Janna knew what it took to be successful in business. She noticed something about veterans – they weren’t prepared to market themselves or write resumes while searching for civilian jobs. It was then she realized how she could positively influence the lives of veterans – by helping them re-frame what they did in the military and how it connects to a civilian job.
She has been serving veterans by providing them with resume and job search consulting ever since. Her message to the community is simple: anyone can help a vet. It just takes finding a creative way to pay it forward, and serving those who serve.

Nancy Palma, Certified Cicerone -> My Path to Cicerone: Pursuing a passion 

Nancy Palma really knows her stuff about beer. She recently escaped corporate life to complete a certification to be a cicerone, AKA a beer expert with advanced knowledge of beer service, flavors, and styles. Nancy’s training included how to pair beer with food, assess beer taste, inequalities, and flaws, proper glassware to use, and more. Nancy feels that becoming a cicerone is a stepping stone into a new, exciting industry, and her passion for beer is evident. Nancy’s tips on how to enjoy beer better: Don’t be afraid to try new things, ask questions, and have an educational experience – there’s life beyond the light lager!

Sarah Drinka ->  NoonDay Collection: Creating Opportunity Through Connection

Sarah was at a point in her life where she was blessed with an abundance of opportunity, and she was searching for a way to lift up people in need and provide them with opportunities to make a better livelihood. She was floored that half of the world’s 6 billion people live on less than $2 a day, and knew she had to find a way to help. She heard about Noonday Collection and became an ambassador to help women in developing countries bring their jewelry to the US and sell it. She loves her work with NoonDay because it provides multiple levels of connection to bring people together. Her work helps her be present and be able to be a voice for people who can’t share their own stories and hearts, and serves as an invitation as human beings to pass on and share inherent human dignities.