RedBird Lightning Talks – Free Community Event! 

RedBird Lightning Talks – Free Community Event! 

RedBird Lightning Talks – Saturday, Feb. 13 at 1:30 p.m. at the RB studio

We are excited to announce the first annual RB Lightning Talks! A Lightning Talk is similar to a TED talk, except limited to five minutes. Talks are arranged one after the other in quick succession, allowing numerous  speakers to present on a variety of information in short time in a data blitz.

The RedBird community is full of incredibly interesting and inspiring people. RB lightning talks will allow community members to tell us about the all fascinating things they have going on. It will be a great learning opportunity for variety of topics – but most importantly it will allow us to learn more about each other. After the talks we will have time to snack and socialize. This a free event open to anyone, so bring friends!

RB Lightning Talk Topics: 
Lauren Hubele, Homeopath/Founder of the Hubele Method -> Gemmotherapy: An herbal medicine you need to know about

Anna Geisleman, Urban Bee Keeper -> The Importance of Bees: How we can all contribute

Molly Siegler, Food Editor Whole Foods Market -> Mindfulness in the Kitchen: How to cook and eat well (despite your phone)

Nancy Palma, Certified Cicerone -> My Path to Cicerone: Pursuing a passion

John Turci-Escobar, Professor of Music Theory at UT Austin -> The 1965 collaboration between Astor Piazzolla and Jorge Luis Borges

Janna Clement, Vets4QualityServing Those Who Serve – How anyone can be of service to our veterans