RB360online Client Spotlight: Alison Rea

RB360online Client Spotlight: Alison Rea

Meet Alison – an Austinite, RedBird and RB360 community member. Alison is a stylist and make-up artist at Little Sister Salon – and the force behind Elisabeth’s video shoot looks! Her favorite things to do include running on the Boardwalk, going to see live music, and spending time with her 8 year old daughter.  

“I started RB360online because I really needed to get into a routine that fit my lifestyle.  Being a single mom, I need something that is super convenient! Because it is so easily available, I have fewer  excuses to not show up for myself and I can really hold myself accountable.” 

For Alison her biggest challenges are the precision of the movement. ” For Pilates, I’m still learning, so focusing on getting the movements right can be a challenge.  You’ve got to build yourself up and take it one day at a time.”

Her biggest accomplishment to date is the improvement in her posture and strength which contribute to the overall quality of her life and are helping her achieve optimal health. “Since committing to my RedBird practice I feel stronger and more confident,” she says. 

Her advice to those just starting on their fitness journey is “No matter where you are in your fitness journey, focus on building up your inner self and take it one day at a time.” By staying consistent in her practice and making time for herself in a very busy life, Alison has developed a good system and schedule.  “My working out time is normally done after I get my kiddo to bed, when it’s quiet.  Sometimes I’ll work out before I pick her up from school, and also on Fridays in the studio, so that helps me stay balanced.” This routine has created results not only in more strength and ability to execute movement. “My flexibility is increasing and I feel generally better all day standing at work, which is pretty cool to notice,” says Alison. 

Alison’s favorite classes are Body Engineering, her Friday class in the studio and cardio dance, “because it’s fun!”

For clients like Alison, the Daily Dose Challenge is the perfect way to spend about 20 minutes each day getting the movement the body needs to function at peak performance in other aspects of a busy, demanding life.

To book an appointment with Alison – visit http://littlesistersalon.com/ and look for Alison Rea!