RB360 Movement Education – Glute Innervation

RB360 Movement Education – Glute Innervation

Movement is great–but exercise is a science, and at RedBird we know that when it comes to movement, just like everything in life, it isn’t what you do but how you do it that counts. 
What has distinguished our studio and method over the past nine years in the competitive boutique fitness market are our highly educational teaching style and our science-based programming. This is what produces lasting change for our clients because it changes the way they move through the world–not just on the mat. 
As we created our online platform RB360, we struggled with how to ensure that these vital components of the RB philosophy weren’t lost in translation. How do you keep a method high touch and detail oriented through the screen? How would we keep our clients up to date on movement science and create the same results that works time and again for our hundreds of studio participants? 

​Our answer to this was the educational library. On the platform, this library breaks down the most fundamental–and most crucial–Pilates concepts, such as lateral breath and pelvic floor engagement, to broader exercise science videos on gluteal innervation or hip mobility. 

By taking the time to watch and absorb these educational videos, our online community can achieve the same deep transformation of movement as our studio clientele. In fact, we believe even regular studio clients can benefit from going through these videos to deepen their practice. 

​Our recommendation is to watch one per week. Take the time to internalize the concept and bring it in to all your workouts and daily activities that week. If you find ones that are particularly applicable to you, with drills that help your particular issues, re-watch those before your workout and practice your mobility drills daily. 

We know it is tempting to rush to an ass-kicking level 3 class. We all love a good sweat around here. BUT the more time you take to invest in your movement education – the more you will get out of each of those level 3 workouts. We all have a body we have to live in everyday, so everyone should understand at least a little about how it works! The more time you invest in understanding movement science the more amazing your results will be.

Below is a sample of one of our educational videos. Watch it and let us know what you think – then dive into the rest on RB360 here
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