RB Client Spotlight: Bobbi Benson

RB Client Spotlight: Bobbi Benson

Meet Bobbi Benson, a RedBird client since 2013 and an inspiration to us all! Bobbi is a  business owner/lawyer by day but  finds an outlet and satisfaction in creating cozy nooks in the world – whether renovating old houses or landscaping and gardening.  Her days are filled with family, work, working out, maintaining her family’s  homes and rental properties, and playing with her two rescue dogs Foster and Sparky.

Bobbi will be 59 in March. She came to RedBird through recommendation by  her daughter Kelly Sharp, but stayed even after Kelly moved away because of the results she experienced. After menopause, Bobbi found that despite staying active, her body was changing in new and unwanted ways. “I had always been fit and never lost that, but my body just decided to get thick without so much as asking my permission. I was all set to accept that as inevitable and it simply wasn’t.” After adopting a routine of RedBird Body Engineering and HIIT cardio, she was able to get her pre-menopause body back and get in the best shape of her life. “I came for the opportunity to spend time with my daughter, and stayed for the best workout of my life, and for the friendships and community I find here.”

We all face challenges when it comes to being our best and healthiest selves, what has been your biggest challenge and how have you over come it?
“I’m fortunate in that living a healthy lifestyle is a habit and not even really very much of a chore.  My biggest challenge is to find down time; I can’t say I’ve overcome that challenge but I do try to meet it by making time with friends a high enough priority that other things on the to-do list can just wait.”

What advice would you give to other women who are struggling to start or maintain a fitness routine?
“First: It’s plagiarism but the best slogan ever: Just do it. Start somewhere – it doesn’t matter what you do or how small you start —and find something that doesn’t make you miserable. If you absolutely hate getting up early to workout, find another time; if you hate chlorine, don’t swim.

Second: Know that there is no magic or quick fix – there are NO – zero, zip, nada – solutions out there that get results overnight, but when you get on the right path and reach your goal slowly but surely, you will have a sustainable lifestyle and the improvements will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Third: Love yourself along the way.  You are gorgeous today, but only if you walk and talk and dress like you believe that.  Beauty comes in every size and shape.  You do yourself absolutely no good with the ‘I’ll buy something nice to wear when I lose 20 pounds’ approach – that just means you’re going to spend the next year of your life without anything nice to wear, and missing out on the chance to feel and be your best, most beautiful self today.  And feeling good about yourself is self-fulfilling; it gives you the motivation and energy to stay on track toward your goals.

Fourth: Come to RedBird.”

What are your favorite RedBird programs and why?
Body Engineering, because it really does have an amazing impact on body parts I had no hope for! Also, HIIT, because it has introduced me to cardio movement that is non-repetitive.


What is your favorite RedBird memory?
“It’s not a single moment but a recurring one: I love the high-fives at the end of HIIT and what they stand for – WE did this incredibly difficult thing together.”

Finding a balance between working out and working in (self-care, relaxation, contemplation) is hard to find. What do you do to nourish yourself, your soul and your body outside of the studio?
“Coffee with a friend.  It’s just the best thing in the world.  And an occasional pedicure – I don’t care about the polish, I just want someone to rub my feet for an hour!”
What’s your favorite quote?
“The ‘Serenity Prayer’: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. I could use more serenity.  And more wisdom. “