Preferred Provider: Vita Wellness Massage

Preferred Provider: Vita Wellness Massage

 This month we’re excited to feature Vita Wellness Massage, owned by vibrant entrepreneur Autumn Elias and located in South Austin. Vita believes that a massage can change the world! Just think about it. When you bring new awareness to your body, you feel vibrant, alive, connected, and you’re your best you! That ripples out in the most meaningful and transformative ways, and Vita does all it can to help achieve that. Read on for more information about Vita’s philosophy on massage and life in our exclusive interview with Autumn! 

​What inspired you to start your business? What keeps you inspired now to grow and/or sustain your business? 

In hindsight, massage school was really about my own personal growth. Of course, back then, I was inspired to have my own private practice one day. My biggest lesson from school (surprisingly) was not how to build a business but, rather, how disconnected I was from my body and, frankly, my life–I was checked out on every physical, emotional, and spiritual level possible. Through receiving massage, my relationship with my body shifted drastically–my body awareness heightened, I tapped into my feelings, and I began to listen to my body in new and different ways. Over time, this changed my entire worldview! I became a firm believer in my ability to tune in and regain or strengthen body awareness. Massage has been the vehicle for me to do just that–the benefits of massage are incredible–short- and long-term! Naturally, I was inspired to share this with others. For me, massage is not just about working out the pain in the neck. It’s about the ever evolving relationship with my body–how I am feeling now, today, and the next day. It’s continually shifting, and massage offers me the opportunity, time, and space to listen deeply. My mission and vision for Vita Wellness is an extension of my personal vibrancy and dedication to living life to the fullest.

​How would you describe your client? Who do you serve? 

Vita clients are inspiring and courageous individuals who are committed to their well-being! Most are well-versed in the benefits of massage by the time they find us, and they are looking to integrate massage into their healthy habits (Of course, we have a habit of ‘converting’ them if they’re new to massage!). We all need a good ‘ironing out,’ as we like to call it! Those who become repeat clients are not looking for anyone to ‘fix them,’ but rather they are drawn to the supporting, nurturing environment we create–a space they can tap into and get to know their bodies and themselves on a deeper level…

​Can you give us easy to follow, at-home tips that would help people to stay healthier and in better shape?

Move your body! Be curious. Find what feels good and do that! Every body is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Let’s honor that. I used to run every morning around the lake. Now, honestly, I can’t stand running–I prefer to dance. My movement has shifted time and again over the years, and my body feels as healthy as ever. It doesn’t matter what kind of movement you do. Just tune into the one that suits you best. 

​Since starting your business or practice, what has been one valuable lesson you have learned in your area of expertise or as a business person that you would like to share with our community? 

Let people make their own choices about their bodies and their lives. Receiving massage long-term really is about relationship building. I get to know clients on a very personal level, and I get to bear witness to their experience in life. I am continually amazed how different every body is! All I know is, I know nothing when it comes to you and your body. I’m happy to share insights and intuitive ‘hunches’ and of course, my experience, but other than that, each person’s well-being is totally up to them. Hands down,  I honor that above all else. I’m honored to support them in their journey, regardless of what ‘I think’ and however that may look.

In what ways do your services or practice align with the RedBird method and its objectives? 

When it comes to our philosophies, RedBird and Vita Wellness are practically reflections of one another. We can call it whatever we want, dress it up in a million different bows, but when we get right down to it, plain and simple, we’re both committed to helping people feel better and become empowered about their own health and well-being. How excellent it is that we’ve ‘found each other.’ It’s an honor to be in their preferred partner circle.

Red Bird Client Special

All new clients get their first hour massage at our introductory rate of $50 {reg. $80)!