Pilates Equipment and Suspension Band Training Series now enrolling for Spring

Pilates Equipment and Suspension Band Training Series now enrolling for Spring

Email info@redbirdpilates.com to reserve your space today. 

The Spring 2016 Apparatus and Primal 7 series are now enrolling. Each series-based class teaches exercises in systematic curriculum that builds in intensity as it progresses. This format:
accelerates results by improving technique and understanding of movements 
– prevents injury by educating clients on important modifications and assists
– allows participants to observe and realize the positive changes occurring in their body and their improved abilities over the course of the 10-week curriculum

Space in these 10-week, small-group training classes is limited (4 or 6 people max). Email today to reserve your spot for the spring.

RedBird Pilates Apparatus work takes your practice to the next level. The Pilates equipment re-aligns your body, innervates under-utilized, important postural muscles and improves flexibility. These skills allow participants to improve athletic performance, prevent injury and learn to preserve the longevity of their movement abilities.

RedBird Primal 7 Training takes the alignment and precision work of the Pilates curriculum and challenges it at new levels of intensity, by adding functional, full body movements and the instability of suspension band work.  Participants will learn a unique exercise sequence designed for each group, based on the level of the class. By the end of the 10-weeks, you will have a deeper understanding of the exercises, integrate the work into your body and experience real results in the way your body looks, feels and moves. 

Apparatus Schedule

Monday: (starts March 28, 2016)
Noon – Int II Apparatus – Elisabeth
5:30 PM – Int II Apparatus – Lee
6:30 PM – Int I Apparatus – Claire

Tuesday (starts March 29, 2016)
5:15 – Fund Apparatus – Christine
6:15 PM – Int II Apparatus – Claire 

Wednesday (starts March 30, 2016)
Noon – Int II Apparatus – Lee
5:30 PM – Fund Apparatus – Claire

Thursday (starts March 31, 2016)
10:00 AM – Int I Apparatus – Lee
6:00 PM – Int I/II – Colleen
7:00 PM – Reformer Drop-in (ongoing) – Claire

Friday (starts April 1, 2016)
Noon – Int I/II Apparatus – Claire

Saturday (starts April 2, 2016)
10:00 AM – Int I Apparatus – Claire
11:oo AM – Int II Apparatus – Lee

Primal 7 Schedule 

Monday (starts March 28, 2016)
6:15 to 7 PM – Level I/II – Molly (45 min) $200

Tuesday (starts March 29, 2016)
5:15 PM – Level II – Elisabeth

Wednesday (starts March 30, 2016)
 5:15 PM – Level I/II – Lauren

Thursday (starts March 31, 2016)
4:15 PM – Level I – Lauren (45 min) $200
5:30 PM – Level II – Claire

Saturday (starts April 2, 2016)
10:00 AM – Level II – Elisabeth

Email info@redbirdpilates.com today to reserve your space in an Apparatus or Primal 7 10-week series.

Apparatus with Owner – $375
Apparatus with RedBird Teacher – $325
Primal 7 series with Elisabeth – $300
Primal 7 series with RB Teacher – $275
Drop-in Reformer – $35 per person, per class