How To Get Better Results in Your Group Fitness Class

How To Get Better Results in Your Group Fitness Class


Post by guest blogger and RedBird Client – Stephanie Robalino
It’s March in Austin, which means spring and SXSW are right around the corner. It also means hotter weather and fewer clothes. So really, it’s the perfect time to up your workouts and plan for a stronger, more toned body for summertime! One of the easiest ways to achieve fitness goals is through group fitness classes.
At RedBird, studio classes are plenty. Body Engineering, Body Engineering Chair, Pilates Mat, HIIT, and Cardio Dance are all high-energy group fitness classes where you can sweat it out alongside your peers. Group classes are fun, cost-effective, time-flexible, and an easy way to squeeze in an efficient workout no matter what your schedule looks like. 
As someone who loves attending group fitness classes, I’m going to share a little piece of advice on how you can get the best results from your studio classes. This tip is to invest in one-on-one sessions with a private trainer. Although I’ve been working out with Claire from RedBird only for a little over a month, the improvements I’ve noticed in my form and stability are incredible. Read on for more top benefits of working out with a personal trainer at RedBird.
1. They Teach You New Things
Claire introduced me to the Pilates Reformer machine on our first session – and it’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had working out. She also gave me a tour of other unfamiliar Pilates equipment and exercises that would have stayed completely foreign to me if I hadn’t scheduled sessions with her! Now I can say I that I’m well on my way to mastering the movements on the reformer. In addition, Claire always has a new workout up her sleeve tailored to my specific needs and fitness goals to make sure I avoid plateaus, have fun, and see results!

2. They Help Expose and Correct Body Imbalances and Stability Issues
Because I’m hyper-flexible, my form suffers and I don’t even notice that I’m putting myself at risk for injury in the long run. In private training, Claire is right there to tweak my form and offer modifications, which helps protect my body and increase positive muscle memory. Then, I can take what I learned about form from Claire and put it into practice in studio classes to have an even safer and more effective workout.
3. They Hold You Accountable
Flaking out on an appointment with a personal trainer is much more difficult to justify than missing a drop-in studio class. Whether you are sleeping in or happy hour is calling your name, booking standing appointments with a trainer will motivate you to show up, be present, and get that much closer to reaching your fitness goals.
Find out more about RedBird Private Training:
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RedBird programs stand for training with precision, proper alignment and execution of movement, deep mental focus and integrated breath work. We believe these elements deepen a fitness practice to the cellular level and produce true body transformation. As part of this philosophy, we strongly recommend that all new clients participate in two private assessments as they enter the program. These assessments aid new clients in learning the fundamental basic alignment principles and movements of the RedBird curriculum, as well as help instructors get to know you and your body, learn about your issues/injuries and show you specific modifications that will benefit your work. These sessions ensure that new clients take the work to a much deeper level and get maximum results from their RedBird practice.

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