Five Ways to Effectively Work Out at Home

Five Ways to Effectively Work Out at Home

We all love working out at home because it saves travel time and helps us supplement our studio workouts on days when  we don’t feel like leaving the house.  Having an at-home workout routine can help us stay on board with our normal fitness regimen without sacrificing our schedule on a busy day. Whether your goal is a quick sweat session before work or something more substantial, exercising at home is a great way to save money, avoid commutes, and supplement an existing routine. However, learning how to effectively exercise at home is key to making or breaking your at- home workout. Building up the drive and motivation to actually get off the couch can be challenging, but fear not–here are some useful tips to help you set up, maintain, and perform your at-home workout routine! 

Set Up Goals

Just as you do with studio classes or private training sessions, set up goals for yourself and note what you want to achieve from your at-home workouts. Establish methods for keeping yourself on track, such as setting up specific times to start and finish your workouts, or even using an alarm as a reminder. Keep a journal of your progress, and notice what is and isn’t working for you, and how you can improve. 

Create Space

Have a designated area for your home workouts, with enough room to move and stretch your arms and legs. You could even try working out on your patio or lawn on a nice day to enjoy nature and get some fresh air. Whether you’re working out inside or outside, make sure it’s a place where you can get comfortable and move freely in whatever activity you’re doing. Also, consider investing in the relevant equipment needed for the different types of at-home workouts you will be doing, such as yoga mats, exercise balls, Pilates rings, or weights. 

Get a Buddy

Working out is usually more fun when it’s done with other people, and working out at home is no different! Ask a friend, neighbor, family member, or roommate to join you in your designated home workout space and start moving together!  Your buddy can help you maintain your workout goals,  and you can also keep each other accountable. Having someone exercise with you also has safety-related benefits. They can be there to help assist you or help you in case anything happens. 

Stay Committed

Follow through on your plans to work out at home by penciling it into your calendar, just like you would with your studio classes. It can be a struggle to be motivated when you don’t have a standing appointment with a trainer or in-person class, and instead are just heading to the living room. It might also help to  do something physical outside of the home before you start your at-home workout, such as going for a quick jog around the block to help you start feeling “fired up.”

Find an Online Fitness Channel

Tuning in to an online fitness channel can work wonders in giving your at-home workouts structure and guidance. Many on-demand online fitness programs are affordable and flexible, and they can act as a motivating force to get you sweating and motivated even when you’re in a home environment. Online training offers extra expertise and a nudge in the right direction so you don’t feel like you’re totally in it alone. 

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