Client Spotlight: Joan Dentler

Client Spotlight: Joan Dentler

Joan Dentler is no stranger to hard work – she’s the president of Outpatient Strategies and ASC Strategies. But up to a year and a half ago, that work wasn’t concentrated on her fitness. Then, in 2010, Joan began training with RedBird Pilates and Fitness and all that changed.  Joan has transformed not only her body but also her beliefs and attitudes about health  – she’s a great example of what RedBird training is all about.

“Besides the increase in her physical strength and the increase in body tone, Joan’s ability to move with more full body integration has been significant,” said Lee, RedBird founder. “Like many of us, Joan is hyper-mobile in many joints which causes her some physical problems. Through our work together she’s gained both the awareness and ability to move more systemically.” 

From Lee’s impressive reputation, Joan knew she would be in good hands at RedBird, but the wide-reaching results surprised her. Better-fitting clothes became a bonus, not the point of her training.

“I never thought I would say this… while I have gotten compliments about how I look, which is very nice to hear at 57, I am happiest about the gains in strength and stability,” said Joan. Not to mention the last time Joan was at the doctor she had grown an inch taller – something her doctor told her was common among patient that practice Pilates.

True change like Joan has experienced doesn’t come over night – it’s a direct result of Joan’s commitment to the work. “It’s not always easy,” says Joan. “There are plenty of other things I can spend my money and time on. But the older I get the more I understand the value of the long-term investment I need to make in staying healthy and fit. I don’t want to lose or reduce my mobility as I age and I am committed to doing what I can to keep fit and well.”

Joan is a true example of what RedBird is all about. “Like many clients, her interest in looking good brought her in,” said Lee. “But that has expanded into liking the fact that she also feels better and stronger.  She knows she needs this work to be the best she can be professionally and personally.”

To those just beginning their journey toward health and wellness, Joan offers this advice:

 “Don’t push it to fast or too far. Doing a little but doing it consistently has been a key for me.”