Client Spotlight: Beth Bull

Client Spotlight: Beth Bull

Beth Bull, founder of Owleyes T-shirts and Boutique, is a longtime RedBird and also designed the RedBird logo. Beth began training with Lee over 10 years ago and has been a believer in RedBird since before its official formation. Today, Beth’s commitment to the RedBird work shows in her body and spirit.

Beth’s routine is mix of mat, cardio, private and apparatus classes. Her goal is to make four to five classes per week. “This goal doesn’t always happen,” says Beth. “But I’m proud that I don’t beat myself up for not always achieving it. I know my long-standing commitment to health and fitness is success enough.”

That commitment has rewarded her with visible results. “Beth has completely transformed her body – her original body type was not the long lean body she has today,” says Lee. “Beth has been committed to her training programs as a way of life and she has been for many years.  Because of her discipline, and the constant focus she has given her training, she has slowly and consistently made the changes we see today.”

Beth is more than just a member of the RedBird community – she helped bring the RedBird vision to life. Walks around Ladybird Lake with Lee – the two are longtime friends – helped turn Lee’s longtime passion into a solid plan to create the RedBird practice and studio. On those walks, Lee and Beth came up with the RedBird philosophy: Strength Through Length.

Then, as part of her graphic t-shirt business – Owleyes – Beth designed the cardinal logo for RedBird. The moment Lee saw that bright red bird with its wings spread wide, she knew those Ladybird Lake dreams were becoming a reality.

“It reminded me of a phoenix, which was so appropriate because this business truly rose from the ashes of my former life,” said Lee. “It was as if the time had come to do this and it was happening whether I wanted it to or not.  The logo sealed the deal on our direction.”

This Holiday Season Owleyes Graphic Tees will be available at RedBird for holiday shopping. Owleyes Boutique is also running a sale now through the holidays. Visit the boutique or Owleyes Tee Shirts online at www.owleyesteeshirts.com

Owleyes Boutique sells handcrafted, locally-made apparel, accessories and gift items.

Beth’s advice for those starting on their fitness journey: Be patient with yourself. Acknowledge your improvements and don’t compare yourself to others, be inspired!

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  1. Congratulations! I started jazzercise here in Austin 5 years ago. I am addicted! I try to go 6-7 times a week. I have lost 17 pounds, however I am currently alittle stuck – have a sugar obsession that sabotages me I believe. 29 year recovering AA! Thus I think the sugar craving- what is your diet like?

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