Cardio Dance – For Your Body and For Your Brain!

Cardio Dance – For Your Body and For Your Brain!

​You asked – We listened. We are happy to say we’ve brought our original RB cardio dance program to RB360online so you all can dance your hearts out in the comfort of your own home! 
​A founding RedBird principle is remembering the joy of movement each day, believing in the power of movement to create wellness, and sharing our passion with others to help them to experience the strength, freedom and vitality that stems from this joy. It was this principle, as well as Lee Vallely’s former career as a professional dancer, that led us to develop RedBird Cardio Dance into our programming. But RB Cardio Dance is more than a fun and effective way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health. There is now growing evidence that dancing can also change the way you think.
Academic psychologist, Dr Peter Lovatt runs the Dance Psychology Lab, which studies the effect of dance on thinking as well as on clients with neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson’s. Dr. Lovatt states that his studies have found that dance changes your thinking, increases problem-solving ability and improves creativity. Learning the rhythms, patterns and muscle control in dance have proven to improve reading abilities of students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. In addition, many studies continue to link dance to reducing risk of dementia. In an American cohort study that tracked over 400 older adults over several years, dancing was the only physical activity linked with lower risk of dementia.

Dance requires participants to be fully present in their bodies through the entire workout, increasing body control and awareness. But, most importantly, it is fun. And studies also show that client retention and participation depends on creating movement programs that bring them joy. 

In addition to offering these benefits, RB cardio dance programs are designed to move your body through all planes and ranges of motion for balanced muscular development. This balance helps to improve posture, prevent injury and create a sculpted, toned look. RB dance is for EVERYONE so all of our sequences and flows have a low and high-impact version. So what are you waiting for? Meet us on the dance floor!


Don’t be scared and don’t take our word for it. Check out what your fellow RedBirds have to say about this great form of exercise that works your body and your brain! 

Emily is a new mom and long time RedBird client who has just put on her dancing shoes! Hear her story and encouragement from other RB clients just beginning their cardio dance practice:

“I’m new to Cardio Dance. Let me back up, I’m new to body awareness. As a former athlete, I was accustomed to working hard and powering my way through challenges. Then I came across RedBird. How could I be so strong and yet so bad?! Why are my shoulders always creeping up to my ears?! Pilates, gaining core strength, body engineering turned into brain training, and yet, that whole Cardio Dance thing was out there .. . . I wanted to do it, but no way, no how was I going to do it in front of anyone! I’m pretty sure me dancing is the equivalent of that episode of Lucille Ball working in the chocolate factory–not able to keep up with the line, and just stuffing chocolates in her mouth. RB360 gave me an opportunity to dip my toes in the warm waters of Cardio Dance at my own pace. At first it was very hard! After a few days, repetition began to pay off. I became more confident. I got like half a dance down pat! Finally, it was time to Cardio Dance it up in front of my audience. Baby James wasn’t going to nap when it was time to work out. So, determined to get some exercise and set a good example, I put him in his bouncer chair, set up my computer nearby, and danced. Nothing is sweeter than seeing your little guy smile and laugh and jump while you Pop It. Still not ready for an audience that can verbally communicate with words, but I’ll take baby cheers any time.”
 – Emily Hathaway, RB360online Client 

“Just tried cardio dance for the first time evvvverrrr . . . and I see why you ladies LOVE it so much! That is perhaps the most I have ever smiled during a workout. Wow! Lee – your smile and energy is SUPER contagious! I cannot believe I found another thing I love about RedBird.”
Kim Rodriguez, RB360online Client