BabyBird Pre and Post Natal Programs

BabyBird Pre and Post Natal Programs

BabyBird at RedBird Pilates + Fitness: Expecting Mamas Can Expect Results

  Pregnancy can present an exciting fitness challenge. On the one hand expecting moms are more motivated than ever to stay fit and strong, on the other, they need to make sure their fitness activities are safe. RedBird loves this kind of challenge.

Over the past several years RedBird has been developing safe, effective and fun exercises for expecting mamas as they go through the different stages of pregnancy. The RedBird BabyBird training compliments and supports pregnancy, in alignment with the Center for Women’s Fitness Pre and Post Natal Training Program.

These exercises help develop whole body posture, alignment and core strength that help prepare for and recover from the ever-changing body of motherhood. As with all RedBird training, there is a professional emphasis on proper technique, muscle synergy and community support through small group classes with focused instructor attention.

Most importantly, the BabyBird training program shows results. Special RedBird conditioning exercises help improve and maintain skin tone, holding the skin tighter to the muscles.  The end result is not just better fitness but a sleeker, more toned appearance – a pretty nice bonus!

Over the years we’ve had the great honor of supporting clients through their pregnancies. Here’s what they had to say about the RedBird experience:


“I would’ve never thought that I would feel and look my best during pregnancy!  Pilates was a key factor in actively promoting a happy & healthy body that kept me balanced and feeling my greatest through my entire pregnancy.  I always felt confident that Elisabeth truly understood the limitations and strengths of my body and she continuously modified my workouts as I progressed through my pregnancy.  This was especially important to me as I looked for a workout & philosophy that I could adopt for a lifetime with or without modifications. Thank you RedBird!” 

                                                  – Tatiana Canales


“When I found out I was pregnant, besides being super excited, I knew I was going to need Elisabeth. I was going to need her to help physically prepare my body for natural childbirth. I was going to need her help to motivate me and to energize me. I was going to need her help to maintain my health and sanity.

And because of her knowledge and experience working with pregnant women, she has been able to do all of that and more.

As my pregnancy progressed, she knew when to modify the exercises to allow me to execute them properly and obtain the benefits of the muscles being worked in a way that was safe for me and my little one. I was able to participate in all types of Redbird classes: Pilates mat, cardio circuit, body engineering, body engineering chair and even cardio dance.

  Towards the end of my pregnancy, I found that the body engineering chair class was the best class paired with my personal training. The chair allowed me to have the full range of mobility and I was able to participate in the entire class. With everything there is to worry about during pregnancy, it was reassuring to have all the help and support of everyone at Red Bird Pilates.”

Patti LaGuire


“I was fortunate enough to find RedBird before I became pregnant, and am so grateful to the ladies at the studio for helping me stay fit and healthy while expecting too! It’s great to walk into class and feel the support – everyone cheers you on and encourages you to keep up the exercise. I’ve also realized, even 8 months into my pregnancy, that I have very little back pain or other physical ailments while carrying my baby boy. I attribute much of my comfort and energy to the work I’ve done at RedBird. I am SO excited to get involved in BabyBird workouts once my little one arrives!”

                                        –       Barbara Fitzpatrick

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