2011 RedBird Pilates Highlights!

2011 RedBird Pilates Highlights!

2011 has been a wonderful year of growth that brought many new friends to our community. We are so lucky to have shared this year with all of you. As we reflect over the year, here are just a few of the highlights that stood out for us:

Moving to our new studio!WOW!!!  I’m not gonna lie.  This was a BIG DEAL.  Moving twice in two years took a tremendous amount of energy (not to mention faith).  We have grown from space to space as our community grew.  I let our growth drive our changes.  Then our current studio presented itself about six months before we were truly ready…. I knew, and could see, the vision amidst the dinginess of how it looked at the time.  We are home. RedBird is home. Leaps of Faith are powerful.” – Lee

Our teaching family is growing.  “Our goals and intentions are to offer the BEST programs taught by the BEST, most well-trained teachers in Austin.  We are on our way.  We’ve added three new talented teachers to our team in recent months.  Stephanie joined us in May, and Kaitlyn and Sarah have joined our team in the fall.  All three are well-educated, multi-talented young women with much to offer. You’ll be seeing more of them!” – Lee

Jimma Lou! “My favorite highlight of 2011 has to be the addition of our newest team member – Jimma Lou the RedBird mascot! The addition of Jimma to my life has been such a blessing. Everyday she allows me to get outside of myself and reminds me to have fun in life! Though she isn’t ready quite yet to be the studio dog, she is training very hard to be a good representative of RedBird Pilates and Fitness. We are working with Training by Tara, which has been a wonderful experience. Their coaching continues to teach how to better direct my energy, be firm but positive and toset important boundaries (something I am constantly struggling with in all areas of me life!) We are also running and practicing doggy push-ups everyday! Jimma knows she has to look good if she is going to represent RedBird! Her New Year’s resolution for 2012 is to continue her training and workouts in order assume her role as fulltime mascot and studio pup!” – Elisabeth

_Family Membership Growth – “As our community has grown this year, one of my favorite things has been to watch families share in the RedBird experience together. My mom has been coming to Lee’s Pilates classes and taking personal training sessions with me since before RedBird was RedBird. It has been a great joy for me to share the gift of health and fitness with her and to watch her transform over the years. It still blows me away when I see her doing her push-ups with such precision and perfect form. We have come a long way together!

Now we now have four mother-daughter duets in our studio, plus multiple husband and wife teams that train together. I love that! It has meant so much for me to share this experience with my mother, and it fills me with joy to see other families do the same. I’m proud that our studio and our programs are something people want to share with their loved ones, and I hope that in the new year RedBird Pilates and Fitness can continue to help more families grow strong and healthy together.”Elisabeth

Cardio Dance Program – As a dancer and lifelong student of movement, I am so proud to launch our cardio dance class.  Elisabeth and I have put endless hours into the choreography and musical selection.  This has been a creatively challenging project; not to mention physically challenging.  We choreograph the movements to each song.  This requires a lot more focus and memory work for those who participate (and us I might add).  Read our article about brain function and dance…then come dance with us!” – Lee

Client Transformations – “This year I have really seen this work transform a number of our clients and I feel so honored and proud to be a part of that. Recently we did a photo shoot to show the variety of classes we now offer at the studio. Many of our clients came to participate, and as we were taking the pictures I couldn’t help but be in awe of how everyone’s form and bodies looked. All that consistency, hard work and dedication has truly paid of. The results are amazing. Whether through clients like Patti and Virginia, who have totally changed the shape of their bodies to become long, lean AND super strong, or others like Chula, who won first place in her age division in Run for the Water this year, it is so rewarding to bare witness to growth and transformation. Thank you all for being so committed to your practice and to RedBird!” – Elisabeth