Lee Vallely has dedicated her life to movement and wellness. After an eight-year career as a professional ballet and modern dancer in New York and San Francisco, and 20 years as a teacher and consultant in the health and wellness industry, Vallely saw a need for a higher level of education and a commitment to the precision of movement.

In 2007, she moved from teaching Pilates for other clubs, and developing and managing large corporate fitness programs in Austin and around the country, to teaching small-group training programs. RedBird Pilates & Fitness has grown every year since then, necessitating four moves to progressively larger studios.

Lee and her team of teachers—all handpicked from RedBird’s intensive 450-hour teacher training certification which she co-founded and co-developed—provide high-touch, technically oriented classes using a definitive methodology that emphasizes precision movement and proper body alignment.

Earlier in her career, Lee was the national director of corporate sales for Gold’s Gym International. She designed and built the chain’s first corporate sales division and managed their national sales team. Prior to Gold’s Gym, she was an owner of eight Austin-based World Gym locations, where she won Best Corporate Fitness Program for five consecutive years and presented at IHRSA and Club Industry multiple times on business development in corporate wellness. Lee spent her early years in the fitness industry as senior fitness director for the YMCA of Austin. In addition to being a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified teacher, Lee holds many other fitness certifications including Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates Teacher, Z-Health Brain-Based Movement Educator, Primal 7 Suspension Band Athletic Trainer and is an accredited fitness specialist with the national YMCA. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with a specialization in dance.


A dancer and athlete from a young age, Emmi trained in the Cecchetti method of ballet, and the Graham and Limón methods of modern dance. As captain of her varsity track team, she broke records in the 100- and 200-meter sprints while leading her team to victory at the Horizon League championships in Southern California. Since then Emmi’s approach to exercise is one of balance and necessity.

In 2012, she experienced an injury which reduced her normal exercise regime to almost nothing, and after a year of searching, she found RedBird. Within six months of RedBird training, she felt as strong as she did back in high school. She joined the RedBird Teacher Training Program to further her understanding of Pilates and to learn RedBird’s secret to being awesome. Emmi became a RedBird teacher in 2014 and is excited to share that awesome with others.

To schedule the RedBird Starter Bundle, private Pilates or personal fitness training session with Emmi email emmi@redbirdpilates.com.


As a RedBird Pilates Teacher Training certified teacher and Pilates Method Alliance certified instructor, Judy believes that therapeutic movements should be used at all stages of life. Judy is certified by the Center for Women’s Fitness in pelvic floor and pre-and postnatal Pilates.

Judy’s goal at RedBird is to help her clients use Pilates and the RedBird method to transform their bodies, strengthen their minds, prepare them for the various phases of life, improve their health and self-esteem.

In 2006 Judy graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in nursing. She was a labor and delivery nurse for several years, then received her master’s in Nursing and a master’s in Public Health from Columbia University in 2012. Currently she works as a family nurse practitioner focusing on women’s health and prenatal care at People’s Community Clinic.

To schedule a RedBird Starter Bundle or Pre/Postnatal Pilates training session with Judy, email: judy@redbirdpilates.com.


Rachael began her venture into the fitness world at the age of 15, while sitting on the couch, eating pop tarts and watching an early morning aerobics show. Once she got off the couch, Rachael took her body and fitness into her own hands and 50 pounds later, she never looked back. Losing the weight gave her the confidence to compete in the Miss America Pageant system, winning swimsuit competitions, and becoming an AFAA certified aerobics instructor in 2008. In 2012, she took her first RedBird class and realized then that it’s not just about how thin you are, but about finding the joy in movement, strength and health every day! She is a classically trained professional vocalist and found Pilates also gave her the poise, endurance and even stronger breath control she needed on stage. Rachael graduated the RedBird Teacher Training Certification Program in 2015 and is now teaching Pilates in her new home of Saudi Arabia. Racheal is a part of the RedBird teaching team each summer, as she returns home to deepen her practice and reconnect with her fitness community.

To schedule a RedBird Starter Bundle or personal training session with Rachael email rachael@redbirdpilates.com.


Michelle has always been an active and playful person. Her fitness routine throughout life has been as varied as her personal interests. Her repertoire has included running the trails at Ladybird Lake, hiking, participating in local races, triathlons, boot camps and bike rides, and attending an array of boutique studios, to name a few. Michelle initially came to Redbird with a friend who consistently raved about the classes and instructors. She instantly loved it. Over the next couple of years, she delved into the apparatus work and then became hooked on the strength and conditioning classes. Wanting to enhance her own practice and challenge her mind and body in a new way, she entered the Redbird Teacher Training Program. As a person always looking for something novel to learn and explore, this was an attractive challenge. Through this process her joy in movement and life grew exponentially.

As a criminal defense attorney who owns and operates her own firm, Michelle has found her movement practice at Redbird to be essential for stress relief and work-life balance. It has helped her build a stronger body and improve postural alignment immensely. The neuroscience of movement taught at Redbird has profoundly impacted both Michelle’s practice and life outside the studio. She finds her work at Redbird truly stimulating and invigorating on both a physical and intellectual level and is eager to share that excitement with others.

To schedule the Redbird’s Starter Bundle Package or your personal training session with Michelle, email michelle@redbirdpilates.com


Mary has danced and moved her body since a young age. She discovered Pilates fifteen years ago and felt that same mind, body and spirit connection that she experienced through other movement practices and being in nature. Mary believes that connecting to her body through Pilates has allowed her a deeper connection in life not only with herself, but with others. Discovering RedBird Pilates & Fitness and completing the comprehensive training in 2017 helped Mary further her exploration of quality movement and connections. She loves teaching the RedBird methodology to all. Her calm, positive encouragement and attention to form, intention and proper use of muscles allows her to share and remind clients that they have everything already inside to do anything they want or need.

To schedule the Redbird’s Starter Bundle Package or your personal training session with Mary, email info@redbirdpilates.com


Monica is a physical therapist and Pilates instructor from Colombia. She is an ambitious and hard-working woman, who loves to dance and enjoy her life alongside her husband. In 2008, she graduated from college in Colombia where she originally studied to become a physical therapist. However, a colleague introduced her to Pilates and it instantly became her new passion. For two years, she worked in Bogota, Colombia as a Pilates instructor at Pilates Synergy with an emphasis on rehabilitation, golf and physical fitness. In 2012, she immigrated to the United States after marrying her husband.

It was not easy to leave her home behind, move to a new country, learn a new language and a new culture. However, she absolutely loves her new life in the United States, especially now that she found RedBird. For a long time, Monica had been looking for a Pilates Center to call home and a place that would remind her how exciting and wonderful it is to teach Pilates. She found us! Monica recently finished RedBird’s 450-hour teacher training program in 2018 and we are happy she has joined our team this year. Today, Monica can say all her hard-work has been worthwhile and that dreams come true!

To schedule the Redbird’s Starter Bundle Package or your personal training session with Monica, email monica@redbirdpilates.com

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