RedBird Pilates & Fitness is a unique fitness and Pilates center in the heart of Austin. Our studio offers a wide range of Pilates mat, reformer, tower and Cadillac classes, suspension training, dance-based toning workouts, HIIT cardio classes, personal training, neuromuscular education, and workplace wellness programs —all created and supervised by Pilates Method Alliance-certified instructors. RedBird’s fitness programs are based on a distinct movement methodology that emphasizes precision and proper body alignment, so clients look, and feel good, for a long time.


Practicing proper alignment and consistently retraining the brain and the body to move in safe and accurate ways through repetition, explanation and logical movement progression.


Educating clients on correct exercise technique, postural alignment and breath patterns, as well as the purpose for each movement, the intention of the work, and the objectives of the program. With this knowledge, practitioners become stronger, more self-aware movers and thinkers, throughout all aspects of their lives.


Remembering the joy of movement each day, believing in the power of movement to create wellness, and sharing our passion with others to help them to experience the strength, freedom and vitality that stems from this joy.


Fostering the growth of a community that supports fitness, healthy living and wellness, so that lasting change can be realized and a greater number of people can benefit directly, or indirectly, from our programs.

RedBird Class Policy: It is our policy to close the class five minutes after class begins. If the door is locked this means class is full or it is beyond the five-minute entrance window. This is for our clients’ safety. Please wear suitable clothes for movement and turn off your cell phone when in class.In order to redeem credit for class, all classes need to be cancelled 12 hours prior. Additional fees may apply for late cancels and no-shows. No refunds are given for any RedBird services.

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